April 27th, 2015

Диссидент Владимир Буковский подскользнулся на пиписочке

Не ладно что-то в королевстве Датском -
Такой титан сгорел на ерунде!

Увидел в блоге уажаемого oboguev :

Правоохранительные органы Великобритании предъявили обвинения диссиденту Владимиру Буковскому в изготовлении и хранении детской порнографии.

Vladimir Bukovsky to be prosecuted over indecent images of children


The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has authorised the prosecution of Vladimir Bukovsky, 72, for five charges of making indecent images of children, five charges of possession of indecent images of children and one charge of possession of a prohibited image.

Jenny Hopkins, Chief Crown Prosecutor for the CPS in the East of England, said: "Following an investigation by Cambridgeshire Police, we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to prosecute Vladimir Bukovsky in relation to the alleged making and possessing of indecent images of children. It is alleged that, collectively, the images meet the definition of categories A, B and C, as defined by Sentencing Council Guidelines.

"The decision to prosecute was taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors."

Vladimir Bukovsky has been summonsed to appear at court on the following charges:

  • Five counts of making an indecent photograph of a child contrary to section 1(a) of the Protection of Children Act 1978, on or before 28 October 2014

  • Five counts of possession of indecent photographs of children contrary to section 160 Criminal Justice Act 1988, on or before 28 October 2014

  • One count of possessing a prohibited image contrary to section 62 (1) of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009

Ms Hopkins continued: "Vladimir Bukovsky will appear before Cambridge Magistrates' Court on 5 May 2015.